7 March 2023

Summary of Crusta C’s results in the 2022 Egapro index

What is this index for? 

This tool is used to calculate and publish workplace gender equality index scores.

All businesses employing 50 or more people must calculate and publish their workplace gender equality index score every year by the 1st of March at the latest. 

This initiative was implemented by the French Ministry for Labour. It serves to measure the gender pay gap and highlight areas of progress. 

What about Crusta C? 

At Crusta C, we are proud to say that we have achieved an index score of 94 out of 100.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to read the full report (in French).

A collective labour agreement for Crusta C 

To further demonstrate our commitment to workplace equality, we signed a collective agreement on gender workplace equality and workplace quality of life on 15th November 2022. It came into force on 1st January 2023 and will last for 3 years.

You’ll find answers to all your questions below: 

• https://index-egapro.travail.gouv.f r/ 

• https://www.economie.gouv.f r/entreprises/index-egalite-professionnelle-obligatoire 

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