For when only
the very best will do

Crusta C choose the best of the sea’s bounty.

Products of exceptional quality and incredible freshness, enabling you to experiment in the kitchen to your heart’s content.

Tuna steak

Our Yellowfin tuna steaks are guaranteed to be Sashimi-grade ! This 100% natural product has no additives, artificial colourings or preservatives, promising an absolute taste sensation !

Nigerian Wild Prawn

This is a very popular prawn thanks to its strong, briny taste and its firm, almost crunchy meat. An amazing prawn!

Premium Prawn

Farmed in environmentally-responsible fashion in the very best conditions in Malaysia, our premium prawn always tastes absolutely superb! With its firm flesh and sweet, briny flavour, this is a prawn of exceptional quality.

Common spiny lobster

This slim crustacean is much sought after by food-lovers, being delicate-tasting and generally highly-prized. Our common spiny lobster needs no extra help to taste absolutely wonderful.