For genuine

Crusta C’s Tradition range offers products that are the real deal!

Firm seafood favourites of the very highest quality which won’t break the bank.

King Prawns

Farmed in an environmentally-friendly fashion in semi-intensive ponds, Vannamei prawns have the ASC certification. This species is a long-standing favourite. Fans of crustaceans will be able to purchase them from a wide range of seafood retailers.

Wild Prawns from Madagascar

Wild Prawns from Madagascar boast a briny flavour that’s never been bettered. Their firm, almost crunchy flesh makes them a real pearl of the tropical oceans, Madagascar’s very own ‘pink gold”.

Dublin Bay Prawn

Tender, delicate flesh with a slightly sweet, subtle flavour. A delicious treat suitable for any occasion.

A tender wild shrimp. The Notialis is a shrimp of all occasions!