27 February 2024

1M1E – February 2024 – Thibault Leblanc – QHSE coordinator

Thibault LEBLANC, 36 years old, is the QHSE coordinator at the Arras Crusta C site.

I’m delighted to tell you more about myself, especially those who may only have come across me through an email or on the phone.

After around 12 years working in quality control-related posts in the agrifood industry (fruit juice, bread, pizzas – my word, how time flies!), my next port of call was Crusta C in December 2021, in Bailleul-Sir-Berthoult.

How would you describe your typical working day?

I’ve just enough time to say hello to my colleagues before I start my jam-packed working day, which always has its share of surprises (remembering to clock on, of course 😉).

I spend a few minutes talking with my team before getting stuck into multiple tasks (emails) from my coworkers. 

Production line audits, checking for non-conformities, confirming proofs are ready to print, working on analysis certificates, tackling complaints etc. There are plenty of quality issues that must be dealt with to comply with regulatory requirements and standards. 

Sometimes there’s time for a break with my colleagues. 

I’ll have meetings to attend with my coworkers to discuss issues relating to quality, safety and the environment and how we can make progress in these areas. Suffice to say that my working days are busy and sometimes even quite hectic!

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently involved in creating new organizational structures for the quality department within the Groupe JMI (taking both functional and hierarchical perspectives). The goal is to give a new impetus to the full range of QHSE issues and to gather the skills needed to make progress.

It’s always a little scary to create something new, but we’re also looking forward to seeing the end result a few months down the line.

In a few words, describe your role to us.

  • Communication: it’s vital to talk to each other. I don’t mind frank discussions, as long as they’re respectful. They’re character-forming and help us to create something concrete. I love joking, which puts a smile on people’s faces and helps them to see the positive side of things, especially when my colleagues are dealing with complex issues and are tired after a long day at work.
  • Complementarity: we all have our gifts and our experiences (the brainier we are, the more fun we have, I think😂). Complementarity brings us together, brings new know-how to the table, helps build a team and as a result, makes for a happier working environment.
  • Support: quality is holistic. It’s together that we are creators of quality. As a coordinator, my job is to give my coworkers the tools and structures in their working environment that they need to plan, manage, achieve and measure quality.

What are the key challenges or goals you have at work?

  • Maintaining high standards of food quality and safety.
  • Keeping to deadlines (I can imagine some of you starting to smile already, but you know that I’ve lots to share with you, I just love what I do!)
  • Managing my team and helping them to be the best they can.

If you could choose anyone at all to be your mentor, who would it be? 

Quite simply, my family.

What do you like best about your work? 

I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but it would be the audits. They give you a real overview of the work that’s been accomplished over the past year. Every year we have a set of challenging targets. It’s very satisfying when we achieve those targets and see that all our work and perseverance have paid off – it’s intense, but it really spurs you on.

Which professional achievement are you most proud of? 

The first IFS certification in September 2021 on the Arras site. I got to experience real teamwork, complementarity. The unforgiving world of commercial prawns finally accepted me.

What advice would you give to new team members? 

Focus on communication, complementarity and meticulousness. Above all, love what you do.

February’s question is: what is your favourite Valentine’s Day recipe? 

The perfect recipe is red prawn curry!

  • Trim the mangetouts.
  • Remove the seeds from the peppers and cut them into strips.
  • Add a little olive oil to a frying pan, fry the prawns and mangetout for 3 minutes.
  • Add the curry sauce and the pepper, simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat, stirring as you do so.
  • Serve warm, with rice or noodles.

Bon appetit!

We’d like to thank Thibault for agreeing to take part in our February interview! 

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