19 April 2021

Crusta C has got a brand-new website!

It’s with undisguised pleasure that Crusta C presents its brand-new website.

We wanted a website that painted an accurate picture of who we are and what we do from day-to-day.

So, we knew we had to make changes.

A clean, fresh-looking, energetic design

Let’s start by talking about the site’s design !

We wanted a visual representation of our core activity – that of a company marketing fresh, quality products.

Our website redesign successfully added a sense of innovation, energy and excitement into the mix.
We hope that you’ll like the overall result – we’ve tried our best to give you the most comprehensive overview of the company thanks to a painstaking design that strives to be genuinely informative.

Regularly-updated content on the world of seafood products

The other main goal behind these changes is to communicate with our partners and customers on an ongoing basis.

We had already made a start with this on Facebook & LinkedIn, but we needed to be able to offer interesting new content on a regular basis.

As a result, over the course of the year, we’ll be adding updated content like:

  • blog articles;
  • videos;
  • information on all the products featured in our product ranges;
  • a newsletter featuring the latest news and developments in the firm and the wider industry.

Our goal: ongoing innovation

As our partners and clients well know, our guiding light over the last 27 years and more has been our shared taste for innovation.

Whether it’s offering pioneering products, responding to developments in society and the environment or simply working out different ways of communicating with you, Crusta C never rests on its laurels.

So, if you want to keep abreast of all our news, remember to pay regular visits to our blog !


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